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Separate Destinations

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Separate Destinations

A chapbook of speculative poetry by award-winning poets Kendall Evans and David C. Kopaska-Merkel. ISBN number: 1-892958-02-3

*Stunning four-color cover and six b/w interior illustrations by Angela Mark

*With an introduction by SFPA president and award-winning poet Mike Allen

*Available Now. Order your copy today!

Allen writes: "The hivemind that is Kopaska-Evans-Merkel demonstrates unequivocally how two distinct poetic voices woven into one don't become diluted, but instead emerge into something new and whole and powerful."

Check out reviews of Separate Destinations at the following sites:
  • MultiVerse
    Various individual poems are described as "well-wrought," "fine," "dark and vivid," "bizarre" and "intriguing."

  • Cleveland Poetics
    "... [N]o one voice stands out as stronger than the other in these poems, and this book could easily be read as the work of one poet instead of two, the collaboration is complete and successful. ..."

    "The poems themselves vary in success. Where the images and lines are strong, they clearly work, despite the surreal combination of images piled against each other..."

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